Sick and Safe Leave Ordinance 

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What is Sick and Safe Leave? 

Sick and Safe Leave is a law in San Antonio that requires employers in San Antonio to provide paid time off for an employee to use in the occasion that they need to be absent from work due to illness or injury, medical treatment or preventative care, domestic or sexual assault, and care of a family member. In general, it is compensated at normal rates of pay and affects employers that do not already provide comparable or more generous time off. The law is set to be effective on December 1, 2019. 

What does this mean for an employer? 

This specific ordinance states that employers will be required to provide paid sick time to all employees at their rate-pay or “an amount equal to what] the employee would have earned if the employee had worked the scheduled work time, exclusive of any overtime premium, tips, or commissions, but no less than the state minimum wage. 

At a minimum, for every 30 hours of work, employees should receive one hour of sick leave time. 

Additionally, employers will be required to start providing the Sick and Safe time at the moment of employment, or the date this article is effective. However, the time will not be available for request, until after an employee has met the established requirements for employee benefit eligibility, as applicable. 

For more specific information about the Sick and Safe Leave Ordinance, please download the ordinance PDF in this link. 

How do you need to prepare for the change? 

Various business groups have united to sue the City of San Antonio in hopes of blocking this ordinance before it is due to take effect. However, it is important to consider the changes you should be doing as an employer in the chance that the City of San Antonio wins the case and the ordinance is allowed to continue as planned. You will be required to make changes in your payroll to comply with the city ordinance, as well as make it known to your employees that this will be the new norm. 

With that said, we, at Tribus Solutions, understand that making these kinds of changes can be complicated. Our Payroll and Consulting departments are formed by experts in the areas and are available to help you be prepared for the upcoming changes. Call us today, and set up a call with an expert. 

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