Payroll and HR

Human Capital Management

Needing compliance, management or staffing support?  Our team of experts has you covered.  We offer guidance from certified HR professionals as well as seasoned staffing experts to help with a number of employee management and acquisition needs.

Services We Offer

Taking care of employees is essential to strong performance and overall productivity of a business.  We offer a suite of services to support your Human Capital needs.  We offer several payroll platforms that can be tailored to different industries and different payday needs.  We complement this with an HRIS Management system that allows businesses to automate employee onboarding and paperless employee data management.  

Our payroll service combines our professional expertise and with state-of-the-art technology. We leverage our CPA-led staff and 3 different payroll platforms to tailor services to business needs.  Whether you prefer an outsourced full service provider or you prefer managing payroll yourself, our payroll options are highly flexible and built to fit your unique business.  

Our payroll service includes:

  • Payroll check printing
  • Direct deposit of payroll checks
  • Employee Portals
  • Self Service Employer Portal
  • Automatic deposit of payroll taxes (full federal, state and local payroll reporting compliance)
  • Generation of year end W-2s & 1099s
  • ACA Reporting
  • Employee Pay Cards
  • Pay by Multiple Job Codes, Pay Codes, Location Codes and Wages per Employee
  • General Ledger downloadable files

We understand the unique time keeping requirements of different industries.  We utilize two time keeping tools to provide clients with several levels of functionality.  Our basic time keeping gets the job most of the time; however, we know some companies have more complex needs and we  offer a more robust tool to meet those needs.  Our more advanced time keeping tool allows employers to perform geo-tracking, incorporate physical timekeeping tools, app based entries and provides extensive reporting features.  We design our time keeping tools based on complexity of needs and the best fit for the company budget.

Managing employee data and good record keeping can be busy and time consuming.  Fortunately, technology can make a big difference in running an organized business and ensuring data is relevant and up to date.  Our web-based HRIS systems streamline data management with the use of an automated on boarding process, online employee file management, payroll integration and a number of reporting options.  We utilize two systems chosen and tailored to the needs of our clients and budget.  This allows for a wide range of customization and capabilities to find the perfect fit.

Employment issues, disputes and problems can be costly and in some cases devastating for a company no matter the size.  Many small businesses go without professional guidance due to the financial burden that comes with hiring a dedicated HR in house professional.  As an alternative, we offer a web and phone based solution that provides our clients with access to certified HR professionals to answer HR related questions.  The online portal includes an employee handbook creation tool, a library of HR education documents, important customizable HR forms, compliance video training and regular HR updates to keep you current with new employment laws. 

For those companies that need more on-site support, we have several consultants available to offer a higher level of support.  These certified professionals can help with in person training, developing employee compensation packages, creating company HR policies, helping leadership with crisis management and any a wide range of other needs.  These individuals are available on an hourly or per project basis.

Full Service Payroll

Managing the on-time and accurate payment of employees and taxes.

Human Resources Support

Supporting employers with compliance, employee problem resolution, best practices and more.

Staffing Services

Advising and supporting businesses with strong talent to fill important company roles.