Marketing and Sales

Managed Marketing Services

Whether its current marketing advice, quality graphic design or the execution of marketing initiatives, our team is committed to support your growth. Our managed marketing services integrate with our accounting advice, creating a truly unique small business situation – A marketing strategy that’s been reviewed and coordinated between your finance advisors, creative minds and you at the head of the table.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a key aspect of marketing that serves as a business card. For many clients, your social media profile can serve as the first point of contact. For this reason having an active social media presence is very important. Social Media Marketing involves copywriting, graphic design, photography, research, training, analyzing data and knowing your audience’s online habits; for this reason, business owners tend to ignore this aspect of marketing and miss the opportunities Social Media Marketing offers. 

By working with Tribus Solutions Marketing Department, you will have an expert that has knowledge on new and current social media who will build and execute a strategy that drives engagement & speaks to the core of your target audience. 

Tribus Solution uses data-driven social media strategies to create hype and build strong brand experiences. Tribus provides the strategy, tactics, framework, and solutions you need to consistently attract high-performing engagement on social media platforms. With a strategic social media plan, you can continue to provide value, build an experience and have successful results.

Digital Advertising

Google Ads For Business

Whether it’s to generate sales online, get more traffic to your website or more phone calls to your business, Google ads has played a major role in helping advertisers meet their business objectives.

How it Works

When a customer searches for a product or service that you sell, and your business is at the top of the search page, the odds are higher that they will click on your ad and give you the business over your competition.  Effective Google Ads give you the visibility to be one of the top choices consumers see. Google Ads are driven by keyword searches of consumers. Advertisers pick the relevant keywords to their business and build ad campaigns centered on those consumer searches.  The business ads are shown only when those keywords are searched making ads relevant to the advertiser’s services.

Advertise Directly to Your Target Markets

Google Ads allows businesses to focus marketing efforts on specific demographics and locations.  This customization means advertising budgets are applied directly to the type of customer a business wants to reach!  Unlike other traditional methods of advertising in print, TV and radio, online advertisers can limit ads to those likely to purchase from them.

Pay Per Click

When You use Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) platform you only pay when somebody clicks on your ad. And Unlike traditional billboard and print ads where knowing the exact number of customers an ad actually brought in is unavailable, Google’s paid search campaigns are tracked and measured so you know its effectiveness.  Combined with some other technology that tracks website visits, online form submissions, calls from ads and point of sale system reports, businesses are able to see a formula of their cost for acquisition and determine if the lifetime value of a client is worth the cost of advertising.

Start With Any Budget

Some businesses have started using Google PPC with a few hundred dollars a month while others have budgets of tens of thousands per month. Your budget is accommodated to fit your business goals.   Google advertising is flexible and can be scaled up or down at any moment with a few clicks of the button.

Why Choose Tribus Solutions for Your Google Ad Management?

Online advertising campaigns require expertise and regular management.  Our Google Certified Ad Specialist will customize keyword campaigns designed to maximize your budget and visibility. As time goes on, we will provide you with weekly progress updates as we perform AB tests and tweak and adjust ads for maximum performance.  We offer complete transparency and account ownership to our advertising clients. 

Most importantly, we will help you understand the value of your advertising budget by helping you figure out key metrics such as your lifetime value of a client, the cost for acquisition of your clients, understanding your conversion ratios on leads and what your online sales potential could be at various budgets.  Contact us today for a free keyword analysis to gauge your future online possibilities!

Market Research

Helping businesses understand their markets, prospects, risks and opportunities.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Active & creative production of attention getting and relationship building social posts and digital advertising.

Sales Training

Supporting the development of your sales team from experience sales managers with decades of experience.

Graphic Design

Providing professionally produced logos, print and digital media graphics to promote your brand and company.

Web Development

Helping you tell your story online through effective and visually eye popping site design.

Marketing Coordination

Managing the execution of your marketing plan.
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