How Google Ads Can Help Your Business.

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You’ve seen them before, those links at the top of the google search page with the word Ad in green on them.

But what are they exactly?

Known in the industry as pay per click advertisements when done correctly can help a business grow exponentially. How effective are they really? Well, a great majority of Google’s annual revenue is generated from pay per click ads.

Don’t believe us?

Check out this blurb from trend statistics, “Research has shown that not less than ninety-six percent of the revenues generated by Google is from advertisements”. About fifty-two percent of the paid search clicks are made using mobile devices. This is a reason why you should consider advertising your products using mobile ads. Statistics have shown seven out of ten mobile searches make calls from Google direct.”

That’s a big number. So if it works for Google perhaps it may work for you too.

Google ads formerly known as Google Adwords has helped thousands of small businesses exceed their company objectives many times over than their initial investment.

Whether it’s to generate sales online, get more traffic to your website or phone calls to your business. Google ads have played a major role in helping advertisers succeed both on and offline.

How Google Ads Can Help You.

More and more businesses continue to go from traditional brick and mortar transactions to doing business online. Any business overlooking the power of the internet may in the future not have a business to look with.

Many businesses including national retailers have already felt the wrath of neglecting a strategic digital solution for their company. Thus, have gone Ku-puts.

Those who fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to online marketing will feel the pressure of sitting on the bench while watching the third-string team quickly become the first string team.

However, you don’t have to wait for somebody to take your spot before you decide to do something about it.

Traditional media can be very costly both monetarily and in its effectiveness.

When it comes to putting your business up on a billboard hoping for somebody to see it, remember it during their busy schedule and then buy what you have to offer later on in the day, week, or month in our current time is a very hard sell.

Do you know how many people see your billboard every day? Not just drive past it but actually see it? Neither do we.

With pay per click advertisements, we know how many people saw your ad and how many of them interacted with it. On google, everything is tracked and measured.

Also, unlike traditional media, the initial investment in pay per click ads doesn’t have to be as large. With pay per click, you set the limits of how much you want your monthly budget to be. You also decide who to target and run your campaign.

You will be able to see who is interacting with your ad or ads and measure its effectiveness almost immediately.

This may sound over-simplistic and to be frank it is. Because of this many business owners and sole proprietors have tried to do pay per click on their own. However, they may not have gotten the result they wanted.

That’s where we come in…

…as Google certified specialist we know the ins and outs of running a successful ad campaign when it comes to what Google likes to see in an ad and what they don’t. What they will reward and what type of ads they may not even show.

The technical aspects are far too complex to write about in a single post. Put simply Google wants ads in front of the consumer when they are searching for what we have to offer.

If a man wants a pizza, searches pizza, you sell pizza and advertise online, you give him pizza and not an opportunity to qualify for a new credit card. It’s a simple concept but you’d be surprised how many online marketers will get this wrong.

Because of this, we put in extra time to make sure we understand your customer’s online behavior when searching for your product or service online.

We craft our campaigns to match your customer’s queries/searches, in turn creating a better experience for them and giving them what they want as soon as the search for it.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

If a customer searches for a product or service you sell, and you are on the top of the search page the likelihood that they will click on your ad and give you the business is very high. A lot higher than not appearing on the search page at all.

But what if all of your competitors are also advertising?

This is a good question and its one of our favorite questions. No matter how many businesses like yours are advertising online if they don’t understand the way google ads actually work they may be letting good money go to waste.

Fortunately for you at Tribus Solutions our understanding of how google ads actually work is at the center of all of our digital marketing solutions.

Because of this, we are able to navigate the google ads system with ease and get results no matter how many competitors in your industry are advertising.

Even if their business and budget are bigger than yours.

With pay per click, it’s not about who has the most money to advertise. It’s all about giving the customer what they want at the exact moment they search it.

With a strategic plan in place, we can help you do just that.

So go ahead and give us a try. Call us at (210) 516-1603 our phone lines are always open or Schedule a free consultation at our office in Helotes, TX.

Proudly serving San Antonio, TX and its surrounding areas.

The Tribus Solutions

Digital Marketing Team

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