Love being a dentist but find running the business overwhelming?
We can help.

Our goal is allow you to be YOU. Our extensive suite of support services cover all major areas of your business and are coordinated under one roof to ensure you have a streamlined and highly functional and growing practice. Our simplified approach to supporting your practice can reduce expenses, management time, provide needed business expertise and allow you to focus on what matters most...your patients! Our services are flexible and custom designed to fit your needs and budget. Whether you are just getting started in independent practice or have a thriving multi-location practice we are here to help.

The Dentist Advantage

Many professionals have navigated to the practice of dentistry for a couple of key reasons: They want to transform people’s lives, maintain a flexible lifestyle, be self employed, and earn a good income.

At Tribus, we provide comprehensive business support so you can focus on what is most important to you and your practice: being a dentist.
We’ll take care of the rest.

The Tribus Impact - Hypothetical Dental

Before Tribus

Jane Smith, DDS carried the weight of her dental practice solely on her shoulders. Aside from her primary function of treating patients, she’s got a lot on her mind. Billing, payables, receivables, payroll, advertising, servicing, and managing vendor relations... it all adds up pretty quick.

Fortunately she has the help of a small team of 5, but admittedly - none of them are experts in these various business functions. They’re doing just enough to get by, but they know this isn’t a long term solution.

With Tribus

For the cost of an employee, Jane has outsourced the most challenging parts of her business to the experts. Her staff is now freed up to focus on servicing and sales, while she spends most of her time meeting patients and doing what she loves.

Weekly, Jane has a check in with her Tribus Operations Manager. She also has a detailed call with her virtual CFO and COO every month to make sense of her financials, taxes, and progress to goals.

Jane now focuses on achieving goals, improving processes, and enjoying her life without the stress of running a busy practice alone.

Who Works for You Matters

Much like specialist in the dental world, our partners are experienced and well trained in their area of expertise. These experts have in many cases decades of experience supporting or running small businesses and are now available to you through our Dental Division. Best part...we can bring this level of service to you for less than the cost of a full time professional employee!

Our Services

Business Essentials

The Business Essentials are all about what’s needed to run the day to day of your business. We focus on supporting the areas of your operation that can (and should) be delegated. We bring in the experts to take on the busy-work that bogs you down. As you would expect, these services are accounting & HR centric with a focus on making executive decisions.

Sales & Marketing

In today’s world, marketing can be broad and complicated. For us, this encompasses identity branding, website design, social media management, and digital marketing. As for sales, many of our partners have led their respective industries in production. We’ll spend some time teaching you and your team everything we know.

Business Advisory Services

Most business owners seek advice at one point or another. Sometimes there’s a concern about the continuation of the business, or maybe the analysis of financials. Regardless of the need, our partners are dedicated to sharing their expert advice for the development of you and your business.

Risk Management & Insurance Services

We act as a consultant to you and your business. Together, we’ll assess your current business risk and insurance needs while identifying the gaps and providing tailored solutions. Our open architecture structure means we will shop the marketplace for the best option for you. Of course we’re committed to ongoing servicing including reviews based on your needs.

A Coordinated Service

Running a business with various professional services that don’t communicate with each other can be challenging. You may be working with a combination of some of the following; a bookkeeper, CPA, financial advisor, health insurance agent, retirement specialist, dental consultant and/or HR specialist. Do any of them talk to each other? Are you the only thing they have in common?

We see value in the simplicity of one team with one goal... helping you grow and succeed through a well coordinated service where those working on your behalf are all in the know about your big picture and services being done on your behalf.

Find out what a coordinated service can mean for you. Call Tribus Solutions, LLC today for a free consultation.

Joe Jimenez

Business Development Officer

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