Back in the office: engagement and motivation

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You want your staff to back to work, but some people want to keep working remotely. What is the best way to meet in the middle?

HR can make returning to work worthwhile for employees, but it won’t be simple. Around 60% of employees desire to work from home all of the time. According to FlexJobs’ research, about 35% seek a hybrid work scenario. Nearly 70% of employees say the ability to work remotely will influence whether they stay in their existing jobs or accept new ones.

According to the Littler Annual Employer Survey Report, around 30% of businesses intend to have employees return to work full time. A hybrid model will be offered by about half of the companies.

As a result, it’s critical to make returning to work an enjoyable, inspiring, and secure experience for employees.

Make sure yours covers the following four key points:

Communication: How will employees interact on a professional and personal level? Plan to give people scheduled and unstructured time to interact, communicate, and talk about their lives and jobs.

Collaboration: How will employees effectively collaborate? Working together increases productivity and creates and maintains trust, all of which are essential in a hybrid workplace. As a result, plan ahead of time. While employees are on-site, plan projects that need team collaboration and interdependent work.

Creativity: How will employees collaborate to be more creative, and how will the company record this? People brainstorm more ideas and come up with more inventive solutions when they are physically together. Encourage employees to take safe breaks and gather more formally to discuss difficulties, new ideas, and lessons learned in a more formal setting.

Culture. After COVID, how will you establish or preserve business culture? Involve employees in redefining what makes your culture special, how they can collaborate, and where your values and goals are rooted.



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