Accounting and Taxes

Comprehensive and Proactive Accounting

We understand the unique needs of each business and can offer flexible accounting solutions designed to fit the needs of your business. 

Services We Offer

Our CPA-led staff will ensure your business books are up to date and that you receive regular updates on your company performance.  We understand the unique needs of each business and can offer a flexible relationship designed to fit the needs of your business.  On one end of the service spectrum, we offer a comprehensive service where we do everything from pay your bills, enter invoices, work with your POS system to completing monthly reconciliation.  This is meant for the business with limited staff who wishes to outsource most, if not all, bookkeeping functions.  For those that already have an office staff and are looking for a second set of eyes, we offer singe service options such as only doing the monthly reconciliation to provide a third party checks and balances system for your business.  In almost all scenarios, we will deliver end of month financial reports and spend time sharing what they mean while identifying any important financial trends.  This gives you the tools you need to understand your performance, cash flow and key business indicator trends.

We offer a variety of flexible accounting solutions designed to fit the needs of your business. These services include: 

The foundation of running a business is understanding cash flow and financial performance. It’s important that the financial information is up to date and accurate. Messy bookkeeping is like drive a car with your eyes closed.  You might be fine for a short distance but you are destined for bigger problems down the road. Good bookkeeping leads to better and more well informed decisions. Combine that with regular advice from a CPA and you’ve got the resources to build a solid foundation for your business.

Sound bookkeeping is essential to a business but having a CPA to work with regularly provides you the opportunity to use that data to its fullest potential.  Our CPA will act as a virtual CFO and help you with business & tax planning on an ongoing basis.  We will work side by side with you to ensure you are getting the most out of tax strategies while looking for opportunities to improve business financial performance.  With over 30 years of experience guiding small & medium size businesses we are one more tool to help your business succeed.

Having your income taxes completed by a CPA isn’t recommended for everyone; but for most business owners it comes with advantages.  Having a tax expert guide you through tax strategies throughout the year and then put those strategies into action with personal and business returns maximizes your tax saving opportunities.  Our tax preparation services include personal returns for all owners, the federal business tax return and franchise tax return. 

Running a business has its complications and many times it includes taxes and accounting.  For those stressful moments, we offer our assistance on an hourly or per project basis.  These services include;

  • Forensic account where research is required to find errors, losses or even theft.
  • Tax problem resolution.
  • Bookkeeping cleanup & catchup.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Full service bookkeeping with the production of monthly financials.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Proactive year long advice followed up with CPA driven tax preparation to maximize savings opportunities.